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AE Tutors 2019

Pascale Bernard - France


Hi Ladies, my name is Pascale Bernard from France.

I started scrapbooking at the end of 2010. One of my hobbies is photography and over the years I've taken a lot of photos, but they have a tendancy to stay on my computer. As I've always liked handicraft, scrapbooking was a way to combine two of my hobbies, a way to express my creativity and to showcase my photos.

Since I began to scrap, flowers are part of my layouts, and I gradually started to use mixed media as well. I don't know how to define my style, something like free vintage shabby style could be a good definition.





Jo Johnson - New Zealand


Jo has been creating for many years and says this about herself: "I have always had a passion for crafts, and try my hand at anything (except if it involves a needle). I believe that everyone can create and be creative, I think it is great for the soul."

Jo was excited at the prospect of teaching at AE and has already been talking ideas too!

On a day to day basis Jo is owner of Imagine If in Morrinsville along with her two daughters Aly and Sammy. They have a fab little business specialising in Laser Cut Chipboard. Being part of small town New Zealand has not held Jo back, she’s recently got into Craft Paper production with the new 3 Quarter Designs.